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Festival heads north

A popular music festival will move to Enfield's Meridian Water development next year.


Building strength

In Enfield, the local council and large development and construction companies are working towards a similar goal: to grow and develop a young workforce in the industry for future prosperity. Karen Jensen-Jones reports

The enablers

Enfield Council has embarked on a new initiative called "Enabling Enfield to find out how it could improve stakeholders' experience with the planning process and decision-making for development and regeneration. Natalie Vincent reports

Bought and stored

With numerous artisanal food and drink companies setting up in Enfield, Jane Thynne finds a borough building on its historic industry ties and creating a food and drink hub fit for the 21st century

Project update

Opportunity Enfield explores the latest developments changing the face of the borough

Sitematch London

Find development sites and discuss them with Enfield Council and public sector site owners at Sitematch London.